Thursday, April 8, 2010

Our Loving Father God

Do you ever meditate or ponder on your relationship with the Father Jesus referred to as His Father over 150 times and as our Father over 30 times?

Jesus instructed us to pray this way: "Our Father, Who art in heaven...." This title has become so common in the church today that we rarely perceive its real significance. Many of us relate God to our earthly fathers which is alright until we equate His love and care to the flaws of our earthly fathers. Some of us can't wait for that opportune moment when we will be free and indepent of Him just like a fourteen year-old eagerly waits for his eighteenth birthday!

If we really took time to know our Loving Father God as Jesus wants us to; if we tried to understand the affectionate "Abba Father" Paul refers to in Romans 8:15, if we had a glimpse of the kind, gentle, loving nature of our God (1 Jn. 4:8), we would yearn to be in His presence and seek every oportunity to stay in His secret place and enjoy every moment of our life with Him.

This relationship goes beyond any human relationship we could ever have here on this earth. It is a relationship of belonging to the Father, who loves us because we are His.

Why don't you ask the Holy Spirit to fully reveal Him to you. He will show you how to run to Him, drop all pretense and formality, and take your place of a favored, blessed child."

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