Sunday, January 30, 2011

Breaking the fast

Getting off the fast is not as simple as it may seem yet it is one of the most important aspects of a successful fast.
The first time I went on a strict fast, I was so eager to get off that I skipped some of the crucial steps. This led to physical and emotional upsets. I was no longer in control. I felt like getting back on the fast but I dared not.
Since the digestive system is less active during the fast than it is normally, a gradual transition, introducing soft and gentle foods carefully, is an absolute must.

Breaking a partial fast, is simpler and shorter (than a more strict fast); 2-3 days will be ample. Remember though, the longer and the stricter your fast is the longer it will take to break off it. Normally, 4-6 days to get back to your regular diet.
The best dishes for breaking the fast are:
  • Home made broths.
  • Freshly made vegetable juices or fruit juices diluted with 50% purified or distilled water.
  • Vegetables and vegetable soups in small portions may be introduced on the second day.
  • Avoid animal products, sugar and table salt. Use sea salt for your soup.
  • Fruits like papaya (very good for digestion) grapes, pears, apples as well as citrus. Fruits should be kept handy.
  • You may use 1/3 of avocado with your salad or a healthy salad dressing preferably homemade with your salad from day 2 onwards.
  • Nuts and seeds may be introduced on the 3rd day but still no animal products.
  • Millet porridge, oatmeal and other whole grain quality cereals, legumes may be introduced on the third and forth day
  • Avoid over eating. Even with the soft foods, a small portion at a time is recommended. Increase your portions as your digestive system adjusts.
  • Drink plenty of quality purified or distilled water
Between day 4-6 you are ready for your regular meals. It is important that you adjust to healthier eating habits.
Physical activity is essential for improved health.
Enjoy a good rest and quality sleep.

Continue working with the Holy Spirit. As you renew your mind through the Word of God,  you will be able to accomplish your goals and walk in the good plans God has for you. Psalms 16:7 & 11

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