Saturday, February 19, 2011

Freedom and sucess

What is true freedom? I found the answer in "The Power of a PRAYING LIFE" by Stormie Omatian. This book is a must read! She reminds us that God wants us to live in true freedom, true wholeness and true success.

I used to think that freedom was doing whatever I wanted to do, whenever I wanted to do it but that is not true freedom. "Tue freedom is being liberated by God from anything that keeps you from doing what He wants." It is becoming more and more like Christ so that you may live the life He preplanned for you.
It is freedom from religious legalism, fear, worry, negative emotions and any type of bondage that may keep us from what Jesus died for us to have and what our loving Father has for us.

Are you among those who started the year with a fast?  Fasting is one of the most important displines and spiritural tools in the Christian walk (Isaiah 58) and many of us start the year with a fast so that we may be free of the debris and the scars from the previous years. But as you may have discovered, unless you dedicate your fast to the Lord and let the Holy Spirit lead and guide you through, your fast may be a waste of time.

True freedom is found in Jesus. We can only enjoy true freedom after accepting and receiving Jesus Christ as our Lord and letting the Holy Spirit be our mentor.

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