Saturday, February 26, 2011

True success

What do you think is true success? Is it wealth, fame, worldly accomplishments or enjoying the life you want to live? Whereas God is not against any of these, true success is knowing who you are in Christ and living the life God planned for you. It is walking in God's will for your life and trusting that His plans for you are good no mater what you are going through.

True success is acknowledging God's presence in your life and trusting that He will successfully bring you out of any situation or circumstance. It is recognizing the power of the Holy Spirit within you and letting Him lead and guide you through whatever you are facing.
True success is knowing that God is greater than anything you face and that He has a solution for it. It is having a deep inner peace, being grateful that God will never leave you or forsake you.

True success is recognizing what Jesus did for you as you live the life God preplanned for you rather than trying to compare yourself to others. It is enjoying God's love and letting it flow through you to others. It is living a prayerful life of faith and thanksgiving.

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