Sunday, April 8, 2012

Benefits of fasting

Fasting done the right way with the right motives:
  • Encourages spending quality time with God as we pray, study and meditate on His Word
  • Leads to a more intimate relationship with our loving Father God
  • Stirs up and builds our faith in God and in Jesus’ accomplished work. Reminds us of who we are in Christ and of our ability through the Holy Spirit
  • Helps us to listen to the Holy Spirit more intently, hear Him more clearly and follow His instructions more closely. Therefore fasting helps us to know the perfect will of God
  • Reveals areas of weakness and compromise, helps us to submit to God and resist the devil, it helps us to reshape our private life and change direction.
  • Helps eliminates bad habits like smoking and drug or drinking addictions
Since our main motive is to glorify God in our spirit and with our soul and body, we incorporate our fast with a nutrition program that teaches the effect of various types of fast on the body and how we can utilize the fasting discipline to maximize on its benefits for our spiritual life, our minds and our bodies the temples of God. As we dedicate our lives to studying the Word of God so that we may accomplish what is listed above, we also submit our bodies to God so that we may be good examples or ambassadors of His Kingdom here on earth. We remind ourselves of specific principles of nutrition, good eating habits and the right way to eat. Therefore, fasting also:
  • Helps to improves dietary habits, Promotes awareness of healthy foods and healthy eating
  • Reduces the stress on the digestive system and rests the body
  • May improve the elimination system
  • Rejuvenates health and slows aging
  • May lower cholesterol and high blood pressure
  • After 2nd day reduces hunger pangs and need for binging
  • Is easily adaptable to a busy life
  • Gives the body internal cleansing if done right
  • Some individuals report healing results after certain types of fast. Did you know that animals stop eating when they are hurt or when they are sick? Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine believed fasting enabled the body to heal itself. Paracelsus, another great physician wrote centuries ago; “Fasting is the greatest remedy, the physician within.”
Although some types of fast do not result in permanent weight loss, when adapted as a lifestyle, proper fasting can generate reasonable weight loss. For example, people who periodically first, one day a week, 3 days a month throughout the year or 21 days once year, are less likely to be troubled by weight management issues than those who never do. Periodic fasting will not only enhance your spiritual life, when combined with healthy eating habits, physical activity and proper rest, it will yield wonders in your physical and social life.
Do you have any concerns about fasting? We are here for you and if you want to share your experiences with us please don't hestate. Yours might change somebody's life!

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