Friday, April 6, 2012

Listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit

Psalms 119:105
Oh how we need to stay focused on the Word and be sensitive to the voice of God! He speaks to our hearts all the time and if we pay attention to our conscience we will not miss it. On Wed. 4/4/12 around 8 pm., I almost lost my life in the heavy rain as I drove from Jonesboro to Alpharetta. There was no sign of rain in Jonesboro before I left. But due to a warning in a small voice, I called my son in Alpharetta to check if it was raining over there; he said there was no sign of rain.
It normally takes me about 45 minutes so I set off to go (without checking the weather forecast for downtown). 20 minutes later, it was raining cats and dogs as I drove into Atlanta. It was so dark and raining so hard I could not see anything and it was dangerous to pull to the side. I kept on calling  on the name of Jesus and commanding the rain to subside as I drove blindly following the rear lights of the car ahead of me. This heavy rain contued for a good 40 minutes.
I praise God for His protection and love. If this warning had come from man, he would have said; "I warned you and you didn't listen." But not our compassionate Father. He kept me safe and surprisingly there were no accidents on the road. When I reached Alpharetta, it was dry and just cloudy.
God knows best. Everything He does, everything He says, is for our good because He loves us. We must learn to renew our minds so we may hear His voice more clearly and follow His instructions more closely. The lesson I learnt on Wednesday will last me a lifetime. It is vital that we practice listening and following the voice of God, even in what seems to be a small thing.
Please listen to Andrew Wommack on "Discover the keys to staying full of God" especially this week which is on hardness of heart.

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