Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Holy Spirit connects us to God

When He comes to dwell in you, He shades the love of God in your heart and literally brings God’s character in you. He connects your spirit (you) with God and shows you the will of God and helps you to accomplish it if you so wish; but leaves you to make the choice. God wants us to have His desires and the Holy Spirit helps us to know those desires through the Word of God. The reason Adam could not connect with God was because he had lost the Spirit and the life of God. But praise God, with the Holy Spirit living on the inside of us we are connected with God. In fact we communicate and fellowship with Him as often as we want and He is always talking to us! However many of us not only neglect His voice but His temple as well.
Are you taking good care of the temple of God where His Spirit dwells? Many believers are very good at taking care of the outside of the temple of God but they neglect the inside. If you are guilty of this you must be ignoring the warnings of the Holy Spirit. Romans 12:1-2 Listen and let the Holy Spirit be your Mentor!

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