Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Life is a journey and those who make the right choices reach their destination:

God has a good plan for your life, a plan for hope and prosperity (Jeremiah 29:11); He has blessed us with all things that pertain to life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3). He has a good plan for our physical and financial prosperity and overall well-being. Jesus came to deliver us from the powers of destruction and translate us into His kingdom. However, our ability to enjoy the benefits of His kingdom is based on more than just believing. We have to play our part. The Word of God outlines what we must do. One of the most important choices we have to make is letting the Holy Spirit guide us and lead us. If you follow the leading of the Holy Spirit you will definitely reach your destination. He will not only lead you to the end of the journey but will show you how to enjoy God’s blessings here on earth.
Ignoring the leading of His indwelling Holy Spirit, knowingly or through ignorance, causes failure to receive the blessings God has for us. The Holy Spirit is a gentleman. He speaks in a still, small voice. He is not forceful but what He says always lines up with God’s Word. Unfortunately, many miss His voice or disregard His leading because of focusing either on our abilities or the cares of this world.

This reminds me of the charity walk in which I partcipitated with my grandsons the other day. Right from the start, it seemed as if Elijah (7 years) was giving up. Isaya (8 years)on the other hand was ready from the word go. He was focused on the destination. He kept on confessing “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” These two are brothers, both taught the same scriptures and both trained by the same dad; why this difference?
Well, it has to do with choices and decisions. Isaya decided to believe the Word and to follow the leader, his dad. Elijah wanted to give up and get out of the whole deal.
Do you ever get moments when you want to chicken out of a good thing? Why? Could it be due to fear? Fear of failure, fear of the effort needed, etc. In his case the commitment seemed too great and the walk impossible.

Yet I was on his side, encouraging him by pointing out the benefits of carrying out our mission. I also held his hand so that we could walk together. I even slowed down to accommodate his pace as long as he was moving. There were times though when he wouldn’t move. I let go of his hand but still stayed next to him making sure that he did not get lost or trodden over. This was an example of the part the Holy Spirit plays in our lives. He is always there, watching each and every move and choice we make. He is always there giving us advice and it is up to us to take it or leave it.
At times Elijah would ask, “Aren’t we there yet?” Like many saints he wanted the crown without any input.
As we approached the finishing line he became a different person. He wanted to finish so much that he ran the final meters. His feet were not aching anymore. It was as if he was on the starting line. Nothing can compare to the joy of completing a journey. Though we took our time we completed the walk but his success depended on his yielding to my instructions and following my lead.

Your success depends on whether you yield to the Holy Spirit in your daily walk. We all have to learn to yield, stop and let Him lead the way. We have to learn and practice to follow Him. He is our guide, our teacher and our mentor. In order to achieve to our divine plan we must yield to His leading.

We should stop making choices from our emotions. Our lives should be directed by the Word of God and the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Life is a journey and those who make the right choices reach their destination:

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